BalyoBALYO and NORCAN announce that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement for the co-development of a smart collaborative robot

  • BALYO’s core technology used in collaborative robots to automate order picking
  • NORCAN’s offering now extended to include products that complement the Group’s industrial and logistic solutions
  • Solid commercial potential: a worldwide distribution network, technological synergies, and a shorter time to market
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Ivry-sur-Seine, France, December 11, 2018, 6:00 PM CET – BALYO (FR0013258399, Ticker: BALYO, eligible for the PEA-PME plan), a technological leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks, announces it is partnering with NORCAN to co-develop a new collaborative robot to assist operators in the framework of industrial operations and order picking.

Fabien Bardinet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated : “We have developed an exceptional robotic technology to serve our sector: pallet-handling. This core technology allows customers to operate a wide range of mobile robots. We are proud to be supporting the growth of leading businesses in industrial logistics such as NORCAN. Our development of this robot in partnership with NORCAN is a first step in automating order preparation, and extends our coverage of the logistics chain so that we can provide our customers with end-to-end integrated solutions that rely on our technology.”

BALYO’s core technology used for the first time for non-pallet handling operations and extension of NORCAN’s offering to include smart collaborative robots to assist operators

BALYO is providing support and optimizing the development of the collaborative robot to assist with material handling and order picking developed by NORCAN: the SHERPA®. This technological solution was developed to track order pickers’ movements in the warehouse in order to relieve their workload.

Thanks to this product, BALYO’s technology will be deployed in a new market: order picking. For its part, NORCAN is enhancing its positioning as an integrator of solutions to improve flows within industrial and logistics warehouses.

BALYO’s expertise in robotics, along with its known experience in material handling truck navigation, will constitute a cornerstone for the development of a wider range of SHERPA® products from the moving of bins to transporting pallets.

“These robots are so in phase with our current ranges of solutions that we believe it is essential to secure expertise in smart robotics, and have chosen the leader in this area,” stated Stéphane Fauth, Chief Executive Officer CEO of NORCAN. He added, “We have an enormous advantage over our competition who are purely robot manufacturers: we integrate industrial solutions and our SHERPA® will make an exceptional contribution to our ranges of applications.”.

Solid commercial potential: a worldwide distribution network, technological synergies, and a shorter time to market

This strategic alliance is unique thanks to the complementarity of the two companies throughout all of the project stages, from initial development to the global market launch.

BALYO is designing the robotic intelligence and core technology for the robot, and NORCAN is in charge of electromechanical integration, and the industrialization and production of the robots. NORCAN will market the SHERPA® and will benefit from synergies with BALYO, thereby optimizing the promotion of the product and its worldwide distribution.

Stéphane FAUTH noted, “This alliance with BALYO is a major step forward for NORCAN and its customers.”