Since the company changed hands in 2014, the management has been working on the Group's Export development, work which is today coming to fruition in POLAND.

"We want to support our customers in POLAND and enable this great industrial country to benefit from the know-how that the company has been building up in France for 30 years" says Stéphane FAUTH, the Chairman of the Alsace company. "The model we have chosen is the one that is


proving successful in Spain: an independent subsidiary made up of 10 to 12 employees, who involve themselves in the projects and provide a local service"."Birth announcement":  opening of our subsidiary  in Poland (Krakow)

Hervé SCHNEIDER, a true product of the company, has been entrusted with the task of starting up the business in this location. Hervé has been a technical sales engineer since 1989: he began in Alsace and was subsequently in charge of "conquering the West" at the end of the nineties, while at the same time training the Spanish team.

"It is the start of an exciting adventure, of creation, sharing and transferring expertise: for me, making my 25 years of experience at NORCAN available to the future NORCAN Polska team is a superb objective" he says. "We have the basic ingredients and all that remains is to write the human story" he adds.

The synergy between recognised Polish know-how in the mechanical field and the experience gained by NORCAN in France promises a fine future for this subsidiary that has today signed its birth certificate in Krakow.

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