After several years of discreet collaboration, NORCAN is cementing its partnership with the SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING stable located in Soultz-sous-Forêts.

De gauche à droite, Stéphane Fauth et Dominique HeintzThe purpose of this partnership is to supply and develop "Racing" type equipment using the experience of a team that is gradually moving into several motorsport disciplines.

The Team is currently involved in three disciplines:

- The GT TOUR with Audi R8 LMS Ultras
- The WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) with Citroën and its C-ELYSEE

The SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING TEAM will act as a means of communication worldwide through its participation in the FIA WTCC Championship, in Europe with the GT TOUR and in France with the PORSCHE CARRERA CUP.

We are extremely excited at the prospect of experiencing this partnership in 2016.