Since the company changed hands at the end of 2014, the management has been working on developing the Export aspect of the Group. After Poland in December, we are pleased to announce that our new subsidiary in Morocco has today materialised and opened for business.

Séance de signatures chez notre expert-comptable : M. Abdellatif et Mme Kouds BERNOSSI

With our long-standing Tunisian partner "International Process Concept (IPC)", we took the decision to move into Morocco by creating a NORCAN subsidiary that is effectively a joint venture between NORCAN and IPC. NORCAN and IPC respectively hold 55% and 45% of the capital of this Limited liability company, which will be managed by Mr Zoubeir Ben Romdhane. "For the past 10 years, we have been working with Zoubeir, who has fully integrated all our application ranges and is successfully practising our techniques in Tunisia" says Stéphane FAUTH, Chairman of the Alsace-based company. "In fact, we have had full confidence in him for a very long time and consider him as part of the family ... we could not have set up this Moroccan subsidiary without him", he adds. "We do indeed have many customers in the mechanical, automotive, aeronautical and other sectors, including Logistics and Distribution in France and Tunisia, who have been asking us to locate our operations to Morocco" says Zoubeir. "IPC's experience in Tunisia and NORCAN's support are a guarantee of our solidity, both technically and financially", adds Zoubeir, who is already busy ordering the equipment required to set up the 500 m2 manufacturing facility that has been rented for this purpose right in the heart of the TFZ or Tangier Free Zone that will serve as NORCAN's Moroccan base. NORCAN's experience in Europe and IPC's experience in Tunisia, together with the synergies that will definitely be created in terms of business and technology, promise a bright future for this subsidiary that has today signed its birth certificate in Tangier.

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About IPC:

As the major manufacturer of machine-assembled solutions in Tunisia and market leader, IPC has not ceased to offer innovative solutions, based on NORCAN's profiles, to improve the manufacturing process. As a result of its positioning focused on innovation, the quality of its products and the reliability of its solutions, it enjoys the trust of many internationally renowned companies who testify to their satisfaction.