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Our vision

"At NORCAN, it is essential that our work meets your needs. We pay particular attention to:


ERGONOMICS to intervene on gestures and postures, to eliminate the drudgery and risks in the transport of loads.


EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY: we offer custom-made equipment adapted to the tasks to be carried out, focused on added value, freeing the hands of logisticians and order pickers.


AGILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: to improve and automate the flow of parts and products, to replace fixed and dedicated equipment by mobile and versatile equipment, to gain space and flexibility by tending towards the "one piece flow".


THE MODULARITY OF OUR SOLUTIONS, so that they can adapt to dynamic environments and future technological evolutions."

Stéphane Fauth - CEO

Photo du Président : Stéphane FAUTH
Notre approce

Our mission

avant tout une entreprise_Plan de travail 1.png




Workers, plants, industrial products

Cleanliness, recycling, sorting of waste

Local presence, health and safety, youth training, employment

Norcan a obtenu les attestations de délivrance de la charte d'engagement RSE de l'UIMM.

Logo - Démarche RSE de l’UIMM « + Engagés + Performants ».png




« Etre constamment à l'écoute de nos clients avec rigueur et professionnalisme pour nous adapter à leurs besoins, les anticiper et construire avec eux une relation solide et de longue durée »


« parce qu’on est plus intelligent à plusieurs que seul !»

« En cultivant la bienveillance, la richesse des interactions, la créativité, le fait que chacun se sente utile »


« Développer la confiance en nous et en notre collectif de travail grâce à notre professionnalisme, notre authenticité et notre respect des engagements »


« Nous adapter en permanence aux perturbations de notre environnement et en sortir grandi ! »

« Permettre l’émergence de nouvelles idées pour garantir la pérennité de notre avenir ! »

We have developed our own mechanical system based on aluminium profiles:


A simple, robust, modular and perfectly combinable mechanical system...
which enables an infinate number of tailor-made SOLUTIONS.

img_constructions tubulaires

Aluminium profiles

ABS coated pipes

Conveyor components

A solid history in 3 main phases:


Creation of expertise and a brand

Industrial excellence, innovations,

4.0 Solutions and "Live" solutions

historique_Plan de travail 1.png

Strategy refocused on SOLUTIONS


Visual signature renewed


Metrikal becomes NORCAN Hispanica


Creation of NORCAN Polska and



Launch of an INNOVATIONS office

1st SHERPA® prototype


Tests on a few distribution products


NORCAN enters the SME4 accelerator


Mark of 100 people

and €20m turnover reached


Buy-out of LP Innovation

Creation of SMR by partial injection of SHERPA® assets


Launch of the

“rapid connection”


COVID pandemic 


Preparation for the Factory 4.0 revolution


Inclusion of the SHERPA® range in the catalogue


New range of conveyors


Digital transition


Transformation of the sales machine


Export Partnerships

1987: creation


Base = profiles and screens


1st conveyor ranges


1st Export sales


Creation of GmbH


Buy-out of Metrikal


Stock market adventure


ISO 9001 V2000


Launch of the Carenal range


2012: death of the founder Paul Hannes


July 2014: transfer/takeover of S. FAUTH and 4 Managers

Women and Men without whom nothing would be possible
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