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Looking for a partner for your projects, islands and production lines?
NORCAN offers you its expertise of more than 30 years.
Moreover, we are integrator of the SHERPA Mobile Robotics range:
non-dedicated AMRs (autonomous mobile robots)

SHERPA Mobile Robotics:
how to ease our clients' transition to Industry 4.0?
sherpa pour norcan.JPG
sherpa pour norcan.JPG
The safest, easiest and quickest solution to reduce pain, automate your transfers, streamline flows and increase productivity:

  • A collaborative robot that works in close proximity to your operators. It works in the middle of Mens and Machines, at the heart of workspaces and congested environment.

  • The symbol of a new industrial mobility generation. It has a high degree of mobility et integrates itself quickly to your new/existing processes.

  • An agile solution to transform into the Industry 4.0 et into teh digitalised supply chain. Contrary to AGVs that have dedicated trajectory, AMR are totally free et adapt to dynamic environment.

SHERPA AMRs meet the needs of mobility and flow optimization in Industry, Logistics, Production, Distribution, E-commerce, and many other areas.

They adapt to their areas of intervention: kitting, parts transfers, handling, order preparation, pick&drop, rack feeding, ventilation, pick to light, etc.

An approach centered on your needs and the reality on the ground:
  • Elimination of pain and risks when transporting loads

  • Increased productivity by drastically reducing low value-added tasks

  • More fluidity, space and flexibility by tending towards the "one-piece-flow"

  • Responds to the lack of manpower and allows the real transformation towards Industries 4.0

  • In summary: a clear improvement in operational and economic performance

  • Return on investment: 12 to 18 months

Unique features for a solution that meets your ambitions.



  • MAximum safety for people, obstacles and the transported material

  • Avoid obstacles, revrsible to facilitate narrow passages 

  • Design reference: ISO 3691-4


  • Able to combine «follow-me» and «autonomous» modes, and to operate in fleet management

  • Less pain and less low value-added tasks brings more flexibility and streamlines flows



  • Plug and Play :  requires no changes neither to existing facilities nor to customer’s IT systems

  • Easy to setup and operate, simple user interfaces



  • Options adapted to a large spectrum of use cases, sold complete and ready for use

  • Customers are keeping control to adapt configurations and missions by themselves

Robots with top technological setups:
  • Lidar: 360° navigation sensor

  • Avoidance sensors: spot obstacles in both directions

  • Sensitive bumper: stops the robot in case of impact with an obstacle

  • Safety electronics: validates that the instructions given to external elements (motors, sensors, etc.) are correct

  • Buzzer sound: warns the presence of the robot

  • Identification leds: indicate the status of the robot

  • Bluespot: better visibility in the area nearby

  • Wifi (dual band): connection for administration and maintenance

  • Extractable battery rack or inductive charging: provides permanent availability

  • Touchscreen: unlocking and initiating sequences

A collaborative, mobile and complementary robot family:

  • SHERPA-B: to transport containers up to 200kg

  • SHERPA-P: to transport pallets up to 1000kg.

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