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How to provide safe access to a work area situated at height?

We design and manufacture access systems and platforms to guarantee safe access to any work area situated at height. Whether it is to access a machine or a mezzanine, for handling purposes or storage in a warehouse, factory or other storage space, we can offer solutions that meet all your constraints.


Our solutions are intended for branches of industry in the widest sense (automotive, aerospace, luxury goods, defence, traditional industries), as well as logistics and its warehouses and also e-commerce operators

Put your trust NORCAN's Experts to guarantee your safety and protect your work areas.


We manufacture solutions to meet the constraints and requirements of each of our customers. After studying your needs in detail, we will provide a schematic drawing of the solution and a costing.  Once we have made any necessary adjustments and you have given us your validation, the project can go ahead in a climate of trust and serenity, professionals working with professionals.

Bespoke solutions:


With our long experience of working with aluminium profile, at NORCAN we design and manufacture robust, modular bespoke access systems and platforms.

Our catalogue consists of a wide range of components, parts and accessories. We can customise and adapt the different solutions to your technical constraints and the specific nature of the installation environment:

  • Access width, length and height

  • Mobile solutions on castors or to be anchored into the floor

  • Different materials and assembly techniques

  • Admissible loads

  • Number of accesses

  • Number of steps


Combinable, easily adaptable access systems:


A wide range of modular solutions:

  • Industrial assembly or mounting platforms

  • Overhead platforms

  • Storage platforms

  • Loading/unloading platforms

  • Maintenance platforms

  • Storage platforms for efficient logistics (receiving, storage, picking, inventory tracking, order preparation, shipping, returns)

  • Open stairs with handrails

  • Obstacle crossing systems

  • Step units with duckboard

  • Raised platforms

  • Access gangways

  • Stairs and access ramps

  • Scaffolding


A combination of techniques and technologies:


Screwing, bolting, riveting, welding, etc., we use numerous assembly techniques to ensure that your staff can work in total safety on equipment built to last.

Different environments require different materials:

  • Aluminium and aluminium alloy for conventional environments

  • Stainless steel to meet hygiene requirements in the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or cosmetics industries

  • Composites for their strength and corrosion resistance

  • Or sheet metal and steel


To optimise the design of your project and meet the constraints of your everyday working environment, NORCAN may propose a combination of materials.

The possibilities for guard rails can also be adapted to circumstances:

  • Total protection: the operator goes up and down on the same side, thereby reducing the risk of falling

  • Front exit: for front access to your workspace

  • Side exit (left or right): the exit on the other side is then secured

Advantages of our solutions:


  • Every installation consists of sub-assemblies carefully mounted at NORCAN.

  • Final assembly and installation can be done by our teams or by yours directly.

  • Installation on site is simple and quick.

  • Our techniques and the quality of the materials we use guarantee maximum durability and stability.

  • Resistance to vibration and repeated/intense passages over long periods.

  • Unlimited possibilities for adding complementary equipment: rails, midrails, toe boards, gates, handrails, landings, etc.

  • Professional equipment suitable for thousands of applications: cleaning an industrial oven, maintaining a train cab, aeroplane maintenance, etc.

  • Easy maintenance. For added efficiency and a longer service life, every main part of the solution can be replaced.

  • You can also easily upgrade your installations (adding or removing parts) so that they always meet your day-to-day working needs.


NORCAN operates all over France and Europe, designing, installing, following up and maintaining innovative solutions for firms like yours. You wish to make your work areas at height safe and guarantee maximum protection of your workers.

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