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Are you looking to bring Ergonomics and Comfort to your teams' working environment? These subjects are at the heart of NORCAN's approach.

In a work environment, the workstation is where Men and Women design, make, process and assemble the products your company sells. Therefore, it plays an essential role in the performance of your business.

Ready to collaborate with NORCAN?

Optimum workstation design:


The principles of LEAN MANUFACTURING and the 5Ss require perfect knowledge of your processes and working methods.

  • Does the work need to be done standing or sitting? 

  • Does the workstation need to be mobile or fixed?

  • How high does the workstation need to be to minimise the risk of MSDs?

  • How can the worker's tools be made accessible so that workers don't waste time while carrying out their tasks?

  • Have we listed the accessories needed to efficiently do the jobs on the workstation?Have we defined the optimum dimensions so that the work space is comfortable, but does not impact the optimisation of the workshop spaces?

  • What sort of covering to choose for the workstation?

The questions you need to ask yourself are many and specific to each different activity.

No worries: your NORCAN advisor can help you with this process and ensure you opt for the most suitable solution.


A comprehensive range of workstations and technical furniture:


NORCAN designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of ergonomic workstations.

Whether it is to receive, inspect, produce, assemble, pack or ship items, we have a solution to offer you.

Our solutions are suited to all branches of industry in the widest sense, as well as to logistics and its warehouses and e-commerce operators.


Custom-made workstations adapted to your activity:


Since we are concerned to meet all our customers' needs, NORCAN's offering is quite simply unlimited:

  • Receiving stations

  • Inspection stations

  • Production stations

  • Assembly stations

  • Packing stations

  • Shipping stations

  • IT workstations

  • Workbenches

  • Desks 

  • Technical furniture

  • Industrial furniture

  • Work tables

  • Workstations


We also offer the technical furniture to place around the workstation to manage your up and downstream flows. Whether it is side tables and service trolleys, jib cranes or storage units you need, the possibilities for fitting out your workspaces are endless.


Easily adaptable modular solutions:


The NORCAN workstation is entirely customisable and configurable to your needs. We offer an unlimited number of accessories and ancillary features to adapt our solutions to the user and each work situation.

  • Screen bracket

  • Lighting

  • Tool holders

  • Bottle holder

  • Height-adjustable legs - manual or powered hydraulic pump

  • Storage bins

  • Keyboard holder

  • Roll dispenser for bubble wrap, brown paper, etc.

  • Handles

  • Shelves

  • Movable dividers

  • Braked castors for greater mobility

  • Label holders

  • Multi-socket strips

  • Tower PC holder

  • Printer drawer

  • Cable tidy system

  • Chests and drawer units

  • Antistatic accessories

  • And much, much more!


Our solutions are designed to provide a whole range of advantages:


  • Reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

  • Reduce fatigue and arduous tasks

  • Reduce the risk of accidents

  • Save time on processes to improve performance

  • Increase productivity and therefore profitability

  • Optimise physical flows 

  • Improve quality of life at work



Robust design, built to last: 


Machinery represents a big financial outlay for any company. NORCAN workstations are designed and use materials that guarantee your machinery a long service life, so that you can recover your investment.


French made:


We remain convinced that local know-how makes for the best performance, which is why we design and manufacture our solutions in our own workshops.

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