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Are you looking for a material handling solution for your industrial and logistic flows?

NORCAN designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of conveyors to continuously transport products and other items over a fixed path in order to optimise your internal flows. This mechanical handling system allows you to transport all types of products and other items from one place to another, no matter how light, heavy and/or cumbersome they are.

Conveyors can transport single items (cardboard boxes, trays, bags, packaged products, etc.) or loose goods (accessories, raw materials, etc.).

Our material flow solutions are suited to all branches of industry in the widest sense, as well as to logistics and its warehouses and e-commerce operators.

Put your trust in NORCAN, the Experts in automating flows!

Bespoke industrial conveyors:


Thanks to our long experience in conveyor systems, NORCAN has the expertise to design and manufacture bespoke industrial conveyors. Our catalogue consists of a wide range of components, parts and accessories. We can customise and adapt the load conveying system to meet your precise needs and constraints:

  • Width (standard or custom width to the millimetre)

  • Length

  • Type of drive system (asynchronous motor, with centre or offset drive, motorised roller, etc.)

  • Type of belt (transport with or without accumulation, different coatings and surfaces, etc.)

  • Adaptation to the type of parts transported (hot, cold, fragile, etc.)

  • Custom-built stands

  • And so on.

Do you have plans for a new system?
Download and complete our specifications document


Modular, combinable and easily extendable conveyor systems:


Discover NORCAN's solutions for automating and optimising your flows.


Belt conveyor:

The belt conveyor is the great standard system, where items are carried on a belt driven by a motor unit, which may be positioned centrally or at one end. Our solutions are space-savingly compact.

The belt type will depend on your specific needs: diameter 20, 40 (eco-standard), 50 or 95.


Modular belt conveyor:

Consisting of individual modules linked to each other and driven by sprockets, the advantage of a modular belt conveyor lies in its reliability and ease of maintenance. In the event of any incident, the chain is easily repaired thanks to easily accessible parts and a simple technique. This keeps production downtime to a minimum.  With its rigid belt, this conveyor allows heavy and abrasive loads to accumulate thanks to the friction between the belt and the object transported. Straight, curved or angled, the exact configuration of your new installation will be worked out by one of our specialists working closely with your teams.


Timing belt conveyor:

Similar to a standard belt conveyor, the timing belt conveyor is ideal for transporting heavy parts. It also offers a high degree of precision and synchronisation when receiving the load, thanks to the notches in the belt. As a result, there's no fear of the load slipping.

To transport heavy and bulky loads, we can synchronise two parallel conveyors.


Roller chain conveyor:

The roller chain conveyor is ideal for accumulation. The rollers allow the pressure on the load to be reduced: they are therefore used for carrying heavy loads and their purpose is to reduce friction.


Gravity conveyor:

The gravity conveyor is equipped with non-powered rollers. This system uses gravity to move products without pushing or driving them. Note that a slope of between 1 and 5% is necessary for the conveyor to function. This system offers a low-cost solution for moving parts.

Our new material flow systems:

In the Industry 4.0 factory, new types of conveyors are making their appearance, such as zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveyors  and tangential chain roller conveyors. Our applications allow for high throughput rates and significantly improve working conditions.

Innovation is in NORCAN's blood, so don't hesitate to let us know about your ground-breaking projects!

Our experts on the ground are at your disposal to discuss all your requirements.
We are able to support you in your reflections as you develop and implement your project.



NORCAN offers easily adaptable modular systems:

  • Roller tracks

  • Lateral guides

  • Adapted stands

  • Power boxes and enclosures

  • Etc.

To automate production lines, we can interconnect sets of conveyors. They can be managed by PLCs. Finally, a human-machine interface (HMI) with control unit allows simple access to the installation. 

Combinations of different technologies are possible:

To ensure optimum design of your planned installation and meet your load transport constraints, NORCAN may use a combination of technologies. For example, we can start with a motorised belt conveyor and then follow it with a non-powered gravity roller conveyor. Our teams' technical experience allows us to meet the most specific requests.


NORCAN operates all over France and Europe, designing, installing, following up and maintaining innovative solutions for firms like yours. Are you looking to redesign your flows? Reduce the noise level in your plant? Orient your organisation to an Industry 4.0 or factory of the future-type process? Improve working conditions or improve your productivity? 

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